settings won't stay 'stuck' in KDE

Sven Jacobs sven.jacobs at
Mon Mar 14 06:48:35 GMT 2005

Hello Craig!

>I have a strange problem. Basically, settings won't stay 'stuck' in
>KDE. For example, I set up KDE with 8 virtual desktops... but this
>defaults back to 4 on a reboot. I assign default applications to open
>certain files... and they don't stay that way. Every time I reboot,
>the sound settings (alsamixer) are at zero and I have to turn them up.
>(Won't stay put.) etc. etc. etc. This seems to be across the board.I
>think there is some permissions problem somewhere but I don't know
>where to look or what to do.
If you are using Linux check if your personal KDE folder (where KDE 
stores all your preferences) is read, write and executable by your user. 
If your KDE version is 3.3 then this folder would be named .kde3.3 in 
your home directory.

cd ~
chmod 700 .kde3.3

would do the trick.

Sven Jacobs
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