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Jes Hall jes.hall at
Thu Mar 3 22:08:52 GMT 2005

> Does anybody know whether there are plans to do something similar into KDE
> for e.g. and to show (or even)
> download KDE and KDE-applications? Up to now I have seen kpackage's option
> for external sources and a search menu for rpms on kde-apps. I understand
> that depending on their distro people use YasT, apt, yum, emerge, etc. for
> updating applications.
> Why not offer the possibility to search/explore new KDE applications and
> download them to a local folder for installation. They should, however, be
> made aware of the fact that this can damage their system ;).
> Best regards,
> Claire

In KDE 3.4rc, Kdesktop uses knewstuff to download wallpapers from You click 'get new wallpapers' and a dialog box is shown where 
you can sort the wallpaper by most popular and it will download them to your 
$KDEHOME/share/wallpaper folder for you. Perhaps we'll see more of this in 
other KDE applications to download arch/os independent files like icons and 
colour schemes? :)

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