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Thu Mar 3 11:36:22 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 02 March 2005 14:36, Jes Hall wrote:
> On Monday 21 February 2005 03:44, zika wrote:
> > What are chances of shipping nuvola icons with kde?
> >
> > They are  many people's favorite icons.
> >
> > Maybe instead of slick or old kde icons.
> What I would really like to see, is extra icon themes apart from Crystal be
> downloaded and installed from kde-look using khotnewstuff. Just a button on
> the kcm 'install new icon themes' and a nice interface to pick and install
> the ones you want. I don't see any gain to shipping more and more artwork
> with the default distribution.
I agree with the latter and actually thought the new theme manager would be 
supporting this. On the other hand,  it wouldn't be a bad idea to include the 
most popular (new) iconsets and themes by default. A poll on KDE-look could 
be used to find out which to include.

Does anybody know whether there are plans to do something similar into KDE for 
e.g. and to show (or even) download 
KDE and KDE-applications? Up to now I have seen kpackage's option for 
external sources and a search menu for rpms on kde-apps. I understand that 
depending on their distro people use YasT, apt, yum, emerge, etc. for 
updating applications. 

Why not offer the possibility to search/explore new KDE applications and 
download them to a local folder for installation. They should, however, be 
made aware of the fact that this can damage their system ;).

Best regards,

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