options not saving etc

Jeff MacDonald bignose at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 20:11:12 BST 2005

I'm compiling from FreeBSD ports on a 5.4-Stable machine.

Since i have a dual monitor setup i went in and explicitly set the
reslolutions of my 2 monitors and it worked.

However before doing that, I went into the screen to manage
resolutions in KDE and set "apply settings on startup" and it worked
just fine.


On 6/15/05, Randy <q.ball at verizon.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 12 June 2005 18:18, Jeff MacDonald wrote:
> |Hi,
> |
> |I'm running KDE 3.4.0 on Freebsd 5.4-Stable.
> |
> |The first time i started it up, i changed my resoution to 1600x1200,
> |and set all of my fonts in control center to 10 in the same font that
> |they were in. [Most start at 12], they resized fine. I also set some
> |konsole session settings [just colors and $TERM variables]
> |
> |When I rebooted, my resoution change did not save, my fonts in control
> ...
> Jeff, by any chance are you compiling 3.4 branch from svn, as I too am having
> the same problem.  Display settings always revert to 2048x1536.  I compiled
> 3.4 branch about a week ago and then again last night to see if the issue had
> been fixed but to no avail.  Head branch was working properly last time I
> compiled it a couple of weeks ago.  Anyone have any ideas?

Jeff MacDonald
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