Multihead (tradional) + shortkeys on screen[1] don't work

Gonzales, S gonzales_speedy at
Tue Jun 14 19:50:03 BST 2005


setup: two different monitors, x, kde, tradional, suse

borders gone on screen[1], and i can't get them back using alt+F3 or whatever, 
since apparently for some reasons the shortkeys always apply on screen[0],
even when i'm ?selecting? screen[1] by being there with the mouse and starting 
programmes by clicking, but somehow all keyboard input gets send to 
screen[0], i have no idea why, this wasnt the case in the past.

just trying to solve to border problem: i've done an extensive search on files 
containing the word border under the home and etc dir, didn't find any 
answers there helas, there has to be some file containing the settings that 
arrange my screen[1] to have no border, and a file with setting that all 
keyboard input gets sent to screen[0], .. if u know these files, let me 
know :)

or if u know an answer how to solve that all keyboard input gets send to just 
one screen, while with the mouse i can use both? it would be nice if the 
keyboard behaved in the same way as the mouse (as in the past)..


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