options not saving etc

Jeff MacDonald bignose at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 13:31:20 BST 2005

> > The first time i started it up, i changed my resoution to 1600x1200,
> > and set all of my fonts in control center to 10 in the same font that
> > they were in. [Most start at 12], they resized fine. I also set some
> > konsole session settings [just colors and $TERM variables]
> >
> > When I rebooted, my resoution change did not save, my fonts in control
> > center still said 10 but definatly displayed at 12, and now i can no
> > longer make changes to my konsole sessions.

Yes, i saved it.

> Did you make sure to save your konsole schema?  Settings->Save as
> Default?

Yes, i did my changes after i changed the res. They were skinny like
an arial 10 on windows, then they became fat again like the kde
And I've delt with 1600x1200 long enough that I'm pretty used to what
things look like in it.

> Are you sure that the font size has changed?  With a resolution like
> 1600x1200 I would assume that the old resolution was less, so the fonts
> would _appear_ larger when it switched back

I am using the control center. I'll likly just end up editing
xorg.conf to remove those other resolutions, but I left it in there
for now as it seems like a bug that it won't stay changed..
> Also, what program are you using to change your resolution.  KDE only
> has the krandr program to change the res, and you have to tell it to
> apply your changes at startup.  If your using a distro specific program
> you should try asking on one of the freebsd lists (note that there is a
> kde-nonlinux list: http://www.kde.org/mailinglists/).
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Jeff MacDonald
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