[kde] kicker application buttons( may be a bug)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jun 11 14:27:13 BST 2005

Andrew Kar wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 07:40 am, Georgi Ivanov wrote:
>> I think the app icon should be linked to the menu entry if it is
>> taken form there. If one drag&drop app icon from  someware else it
>> is a different case .
> That really doesn't make much sense. If you right click on the panel
> and choose "Add to Panel/Application" It is quite clear that you are
> ADDING, ie; making a copy of it, not a link to it.

But, actually, it *is* a link to it, you are not adding it.  Try this.

First, modify the "Command" of a menu item with the Menu Editor.

Second, *add* it to a Panel using the right click Panel menu.  You can
right click the new icon to see that the "Application -> Command" is the
same as what you changed it to in the menu.

Third, again modify the "Command of the same menu item with the Menu Editor.

Fourth, right click the icon again and check: "Application -> Command".
  You will see that the command for the item you *added* to the Panel was
changed exactly the same as the change made to the menu item.  It *is*

> Or in the menu you can right-click a program and choose "Add to main
> panel", Still, quite clearly you are ADDING (therefore copying) it.

Now try the same four steps except for the second step.  Instead, *add*
it to the Panel by right clicking the item in the menu and choosing:
"Add Item to Main Panel".

You will notice that it is still linked.

> Or you can drag and drop it from the menu in which case it has a
> little plus sign to signify that you are once again ADDING it.

Now try the same again except use drag'n'drop.  You will notice that it 
is *not* linked.

> Unlike a normal drag-n-drop it does NOT let you change the plus to a
> link symbol nor ask you if you want to copy/link.

Now try the first two experiment with a menu item which has NEVER been 
modified but skipping the first step.  You will notice that it is *NOT* 

This is not what users would expect.  It is an issue that needs to be fixed.

Since it is linked in some cases, a user would expect that it be linked 
in *ALL* cases.


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