Mac style menu bar as a child panel gone in 3.4.1?

Frank Hellmuth fhellmuth at
Tue Jun 7 00:50:18 BST 2005


I always liked the Mac OS style application menu bar on top of the screen. In 
earlier versions of KDE this was achievable in two ways: 1st as "Mac OS" 
style menu bar in the Control Center under "Desktop Behavior" and 
additionally as a child panel with the "menu bar" applet. I never thought 
that this doubled configuration is user friendly, but with the 2nd way it was 
possible to add applets like a clock, the K Menu or the volume control to the 
menu bar. I liked that very much.

Since I've upgraded to 3.4.1 there is no "menu bar" applet for a child panel 

Is my installation broken, did I miss something, or is that way of adding a 
Mac style menu bar gone? If so, are there any plans to bring it back?



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