[kde] kicker application buttons( may be a bug)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Jun 4 16:48:59 BST 2005

Georgi Ivanov wrote:
> Ok. It's not a bug. But isn't it too many ways to do one thing ?

Perhaps, but which one would you eliminate.

> I think the app icon should be linked to the menu entry if it is
> taken form there. If one drag&drop app icon from  someware else it is
> a different case .

The problem is: which menu entry is it linked to.

IIUC, if you don't have a local entry when you add something from the
menu to a Panel with the "Add to Panel" menu that it will link to the
global menu entry in: "$KDEDIR/share/<etc.>".  Then when you change the
menu entry with the Menu Editor, a local entry in:
"$HOME/.local/share/applications" is created and that user's menu now 
uses the local entry.  So, the Panel icon is not linked to
the menu entry that you are using. :-(

Perhaps this is an issue, but a fix for it would be complicated.

Should all icons created from the menu be somehow linked to the menu so 
that if the menu is changed then the icons are also changed.

This does sound like the way to do it, but this won't be simple.

First when you add an icon to a Panel, a duplicate 'desktop' file would 
need to be created (but with modifications).  This wouldn't be much of a 

But, the hard part is that this duplicate 'desktop' file must be somehow 
linked to the current state of the menu -- not just the state when it 
was created -- and when a menu entry is changed then this duplicate 
'desktop' file would need to be updated.

This might even require a new class of 'desktop' files.  Certainly, an 
additional Key would have to be added to them showing what they are 
linked to in the menu (but not the actual location in the file system) 
and this information would have to be added to the sycoca cache.

This is further confounded by the fact that under the new XDG menu 
system, KDE does not have the same name for the 'desktop' files for the 
global and the local menu entries.  I see that as a bug that should be 

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