Nope - Re: One more please -- on how can I get my new windows to appear in front

Erik Ohls eohls at
Thu Jun 2 16:57:30 BST 2005

torsdagen den 2 juni 2005 16:26 skrev Oward Smyahoo:
> The problem is that KDE windows do not have a
> "None of the above" option; how can I deactivate BOTH.
>  If I pick "stay on top" it ALWAYS stays on top and so
> hides new ones....if I pick
> "stay below" it ALWAYS stays below even if I want to
> read it a few minutes later.

I wouldn't want to insult you by stating the obvious but you shouldn't have to 
pick "stay below" to deactivate "stay on top". The menu item "stay on top" is 
a toggle -- the first time you click it you activate it; the second time you 
deactivate it.

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