Nope - Re: One more please -- on how can I get my new windows to appear in front

Larry Howe larry.howe at
Thu Jun 2 16:25:46 BST 2005

On Thursday June 2 2005 09:26, Oward Smyahoo wrote:
> The problem is that KDE windows do not have a
> "None of the above" option; how can I deactivate BOTH.
>  If I pick "stay on top" it ALWAYS stays on top and so
> hides new ones....if I pick
> "stay below" it ALWAYS stays below even if I want to
> read it a few minutes later.  I want to be able to
> have the window allow new windows to be visible, but
> also to move to the top when I want to chose it
> with a single click or keystoke (not with a menu
> sequence that must be executed from the often hidden
> windowbar). Like for example all the
> windows in (Argh) WinXP: you click on any part, and
> the window moves to the front.  Or Solaris:  you push
> the "front" key and the window comes to the front.
> KDE has a complicated focus and action settings,
> but I can't see how to address this simple need.


1. Log out of KDE
2. Log back in
3. Don't choose any special options about focus or top or bottom - just use 

For me, KDE always behaves normally. New windows open on top, any other window 
that I click on comes to the top.

The one setting that you might want to look at is Focus Stealing Prevention. I 
have mine set to Low.

In Control Centre / Desktop / Window behavior make sure you have
Focus Policy = Click to Focus
Click raise active window = True

These are the default settings and KDE works fine with the defaults.

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