new kde and menus

Georgi Ivanov joro at
Thu Jun 2 13:51:15 BST 2005

Hi ,
I just compiled kde 3.4.1 with konstruct. Basicly everything is fine except 
few things :
I used prefix=/opt/kde-3.4.1
After the install i edited 2 files :
1. .bashrc - added custom PATH where replace /opt/kde3 with /opt/kde-3.4.1
added KDEDIRS=/opt/kde-3.4.1
2. .xinitrc - added startkde

The problem is with the menu entries and kcontrol modules. 
There are no kcontrol modules and  many kmenu entries are missing .

I do not want to use suse's settings. I just want the default kde settings.

Any suggestions ?

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