One more please -- on how can I get my new windows to appear in front

Tim M√ľnchen kdelist at
Wed Jun 1 10:18:35 BST 2005

Oward Smyahoo wrote:
> One more question if you don't mind....
> Now that the new window opens in the front, I can't
> get the original window that is now behind (and as you
> specified tagged as "Advanced - Keep Below Others") to
> come forward --- unless I click on the title bar and
> select "Advanced" "Keep above others". 
> Isn't there some way to tell the obscured window
> (maybe in the ACTIONS menu in the window) to have a
> mouse click (left, midlle, whatever) raise the back
> window to the front when I click or alt-click anywhere
> on that back window? This seems to be a problem
> whether or not the "focus" flows the mouse. 
> Thanks!!

How about you just deactivate both "stay on top" and "keep below" ?? Windows
with "stay on top" stay on top, and windows with "keep below" keep below... what
is there so hard to understand ;-)

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