SuSE 9.2 and Kopete 0.10.1

Alejandro Frasch alex.frasch at
Wed Jun 1 07:40:33 BST 2005

Hi people,

I've been running SuSE 9.2 satisfactorily for sometime now. Since a week or 
two I have difficulties connecting with MSN when I use my kopete. I thought 
that if I updated my kopete it would be working again correctly. I got the 
source and gave it a try. It just will not want to finish the "make" it 
throughs "Errors 1". I thought it might be that the new kopete will not work 
on KDE 3.3.0 so I've tried to get the KDE updated. It just won't work.

Any suggestions as how to get KDE and kopete updated? (I mean, other than 
upgrading the whole SuSE).

Alejandro & Monica Frasch
Dillenburger Str. 7
14199 Berlin
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