Move/Back-up Configuration

Barton K. Woolery nairatinu at
Sun Jul 31 18:09:17 BST 2005

LeRoy DeVries wrote:

>I am about to change hard drives and am looking for a way to save/and or move 
>my suse 9.3/KDE 3.4.1 and other programs to the new hard drive.  I've looked 
>for a software like Ghost to do the job but unable to find one. Does anyone 
>hear have a suggestion on how to go about it.  
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Ghost works fine for me, I use it all the time to clone my hard drive 
with multiple partitions (windoze, Mandriva, and Studio to Go!).  I use 
the Norton Ghost 2003 version, you can find a Norton Systemworks 2003 
disk for about $8 if you search on  The only caveat is 
that you have to run "rescue" to rebuild the LILO on the cloned disk, at 
least that's what I do with the Mandriva partition being the boot 
partition.  Cloning can be a real life saver if you tinker a lot or want 
to avoid exhaustive software reinstallation in the event of a hard drive 
failure.  I also recommend installing a few removeable hard drive bays 
($15 each) in your box if there's room.  It makes cloning and disk 
switching a lot easier!
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