Move/Back-up Configuration

Barton K. Woolery nairatinu at
Sun Jul 31 18:13:22 BST 2005

LeRoy DeVries wrote:

>I am about to change hard drives and am looking for a way to save/and or move 
>my suse 9.3/KDE 3.4.1 and other programs to the new hard drive.  I've looked 
>for a software like Ghost to do the job but unable to find one. Does anyone 
>hear have a suggestion on how to go about it.  
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The one thing I forgot to mention on the previous post is that you also 
need a bootable CD in order to run Ghost.  I have designed a custom one 
exploiting the windoze 98 boot disk, I would be happy to send 
instructions on how to make one (you need a CD burner, of course...).  I 
believe you can also create a floppy boot disk and then invoke ghost as 
long as the ghost program is available on one of your hard drives (just 
copy the ghost.exe to the root of one or all of your hard drives to make 
it easy to navigate to).  I use the CD because it's a lot more durable 
than today's floppies.
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