About KDE and logout frame problem

roach robert_spencer at mighty.co.za
Sun Jul 31 21:24:07 BST 2005

On Sunday 31 July 2005 12:48, akar3d at yahoo.com.au wrote:
> If you need to ask then it is beyond your ability to do it.

If I don't ask, it will most definitely be.

> You simply
> modify the source for the about and logout windows and recompile.

Great, know if you could please point out the binary or source name it would 
help. It's most likely in the kde base package, but that is very large.

> You
> didn't really think there was going to be a checkbox somewhere for such a
> silly setting, Did you?

No, that was the first thing I looked for. I was hoping for a config file 

BTW, I don't just ask straight out. I looked in the Control 
Center, /opt/kde3/share/ and asked at kde-look.org.

Asking here was my last step, not my first.

Robert "roach" Spencer
South Africa
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