Backing up email

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Sat Jul 30 23:20:15 BST 2005

What is the correct prosedure to back up email in Kmail/Kontact? The reason 
I'm asking is that I made a backup of my home-folder, and with it, my email. 
The reason I did that was that I moved to a new distro, and I wanted to move 
my email/settings with me. Well, everything seemed to go smoothly, and it 
SEEMED that my old email was in Kmail once I restored my files. But when I 
try to open a mail I have already read (in the previous distro), the subject 
turns from whatever the subject was to "No Subject", and the message is 
blank. But if I click on a message I have not read before, it displays like 
it should.

Did I do something incredibly stupid, or did something go wrong when I backed 
up my files? Is there any way to fix this situation? I wouldn't want to lose 
my email.
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