Fw: KDE 3.4.1 - Could not bind to socket '/tmp/ksocket-

Ross MacGillivray ross_macgillivray at yahoo.ca
Sat Jul 9 02:01:45 BST 2005

 Jan de Visser was kind enought to answer (see below) my question (see even 
further below) about the following error in KDE on Cygwin.  Could not bind 
to socket '/tmp/ksocket-RossMacGillivray/kdeinit-'

When I looked at the /tmp directory the actual name of the file is 

The : has been replaced by an underscore due to, I think, Windows naming 

How does Cygwin on KDE run with this kind of incompatibility between windows 
naming and unix/linux
naming conventions?
Can Cygwin open a native linux file system?
Is a linux file system partition necessary to run KDE on Cygwin?


> That's going to be a problem. Windows doesn't like files with colon in 
> them.
> JdV!!

> 4-- 
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Jan de Visser                     jdevisser at digitalfairway.com

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From: Ross MacGillivray
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Sent: Friday, July 08, 2005 12:31 PM
Subject: KDE 3.4.1 - Could not bind to socket '/tmp/ksocket-

I am still having problems getting KDE 3.4.1 on Cygwin to bind to the 
ksocket file (see below).

winInitMultiWindowWM - XOpenDisplay () returned and successfully opened the 
bash-2.05b$ winMultiWindowXMsgProc - XOpenDisplay () returned and 
successfully o
pened the display.
Could not bind to socket '/tmp/ksocket-RossMacGillivray/kdeinit-'
kdeinit: Launched DCOPServer, pid = 3528 result = 0
DCOP: register 'anonymous-3528' -> number of clients is now 1
DCOP: unregister 'anonymous-3528'

It was suggested to me that I remove any blanks for my userid and home 
directory and I have done this, but the problem

I am getting an X root window to launch, but no KDE desktop, window manager, 
applications.   This result
is probably not surprising given the error above, but how do I clear this 

Does KDEINIT have verbose mode?


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