Mac OS-style menubar as default

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Thu Jul 7 23:53:24 BST 2005

On Monday 04 July 2005 19:05, Merton Campbell Crockett wrote:  
> You're assuming that people look at the desktop when they are working.  If
> this is, indeed, the case; there is merit to your argument as the menu
> would always be in the same place.
> However, if you assume that people concentrate on the window in which they
> are working, your argument falls apart.  The menu is changing position as
> the user moves from window to window.

How exactly does it "fall apart"? I mean, the menus would not take advantage 
of screen-borders. Accessing the menus with the mouse would still require 
precise mouse-movement. Even though the actual distance might be shorter, the 
time it takes to access the menus is longer since you have to be more careful 
in accessing the menu's.

> There is a "marketing" issue involved in this discussion.  If one wants to
> promote Linux as an alternative desktop/laptop system to Windows, it would
> be desirable to limit the paradigm shifts.  By default, KDE provides an
> environment that is reasonably similar to Windows.  This makes it easier
> for a Windows-user to switch to Linux.

I find it pretty interesting to watch as some trolls keep on telling how KDE 
is a "Windows-clone", and how pro-KDE-folks tell them that it's not. And now 
you are suggesting that KDE must be as similar to Windows as possible? So KDE 
really is a clone of Windows?

Why do we have to tether ourselves to Windows? Why do we have to look to 
Windows as an example on  how to do things? Why wont we simply try to create 
the kick-assest desktop there is, instead of trying to create the kick-asses 
Windows-clone there is?

To me, KDE is not about "defeating" Windows. It's about creating a great 
desktop. Doing some thing in certain way just because "Windows does it like 
this" is not IMO the right thing to do.
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