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Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jul 7 21:47:48 BST 2005

> Thank you for you input. I ask those question as an aid to development on
> my own computer.
> I wanted to know how to add info to my own PC's help system and have a
> Wiki on my PC to handle these changes.

If you're already developing an app, you can just put the docs you want in
the doc/ subdirectory, and set up the appropriate Makefile.am (there's
probably information about this in any KDE development primer you can find
- I don't know of one offhand).

If you want to modify the docs for an existing app, you can either get the
sources from SVN and just compile and install the docs, or you can try
copying the generated HTML to $KDEDIR/share/doc/HTML/<lang>. Either way,
you'd have to modify the DocBook XML sources, but I'm not sure whether the
latter method would work. If you can explain the situation more fully, I'll
provide more detailed instructions for one of these options.

As for wikis, you'd have to set up a webserver and your choice of wiki
software. I don't know how to do this, and you'd probably be better off
asking on a mailing list for your distribution, I guess. If you just want a 
tool to keep revision history and stuff, you could try setting up a local
CVS or SVN server. I have no idea how easy or hard this is though. For one
thing, it would save your eyes from having to look at awful, *awful* wiki
syntax. :-)

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