Konqueror (delete dir from sidebar)

Sascha Alexander Jopen jopen at gmx.net
Thu Jul 7 22:43:29 BST 2005

Hi list,

I'm new to kde since 3.4.0. I'm using Konqueror as my favorite
filemanager, but it has one drawback so far.
When using the sidebar in treeview mode to display my directories i
neither can't delete files, nor can i rename them from this pane using
keyboard commands like 'Del', 'Shift+Del' or 'F2'. I _can_ delete those
directories, when using the context menu by rightclicking on the
directory in this pane.

Did i miss some options to enable keyboard shortcuts for this, or is
this a bug? Currently i have to click the parent dir to remove one,
which should not be intended, i hope. Can somebody help me, please?

Thanks in advance,
Sascha Jopen
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