VDQ : how to get to KDE apps in FC4 Gnome?

bear tooth beartooth at adelphia.net
Wed Jul 6 21:22:31 BST 2005

I run Gnome -- I'm just more comfortable with it -- but there are some KDE
apps that I use either frequently or occasionally. (I have a Konqueror
launcher in the same panel drawer with my Gnome browsers, for instance.)

I rarely go near Konsole, because my ancient eyeballs need the
color-coding I can do in a gnome-terminal; but today I wanted to open one
to test something that is happening in my gnome terminals. I could not get
to it.

I finally had to create a test user, log out and back in as him, and set
his session to KDE: a huge waste of time and effort for a very small
return -- even if it had solved the problem I had, and it didn't.

Beartooth Gerontoflatulocrat, Linux Evangelist
If you except arthritis, baldness, blindness, 
deafness, diminished virility, and memory loss
(inter alia), aging isn't so bad.

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