Label on K-menu button

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jul 7 00:56:28 BST 2005

zika wrote:
> I am using slackware 10
> I have downloaded kde v3.4.85 (>=20050601) sources, from daily snapshot ftp,
> and compiled them.
> Files: arts, kdelibs and kdebase.
> How do I enable text label by k-menu icon? On the k-menu button. Like "Launch" or "Start".
> It was somehow enabled in recent review.
> Is there a way to make first level of k-menu icons bigger? 
> (Help, run, logoff, bookmarks).
> I have looked through kickerrc and task/panel settings, but I couldn't find these settings.

I think that this only works on SVN-trunk.

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