ksysguard applet 'connection'

daivd wolfson kde at davidwolfson.co.uk
Wed Jul 6 20:49:43 BST 2005

I'm working on a laptop, and having had it switch itself off for want of 
a battery monitor I had a look at adding one to the Ksysguard applet, 
and now can't get it to work at all! The standalone application works 
fine, but having removed all the monitors, whenever I drag a new sensor 
to the applet I get a 'connection host - KDE panel' window. This already 
has the host set to 'localhost', and a series of connection options: 
ssh, rsh, daemon or custom command. I've tried each of these (but didn't 
add a command to custom) and each time I get a disconnected symbol in 
the graph and no info. The sensors tab in the prefernces menu for this 
non-working graph says there is an error, but gives no more information.

I'm guessing I have to set something to connect correctly to the 
localhost, but can't find anything on the applet in the help, and the 
closest thing from google is an unsresolved SUSE post with exactly the 
same problem. In the meantime I've got gkrellm working, but I would much 
rather have an applet up and running than a  seperate window.

Any suggestions please?

Thanks again,

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