No jpeg thumbnails in Konqueror

Ken Schutte kschutte at
Tue Jul 5 16:50:42 BST 2005


I've happily switched to KDE with one major exception - jpeg thumbnails 
are not shown in the Konqueror file browser.   I've been searching for 
similar problems, but the only solution I find is to check 
Settings->Configure Konqueror->Previews & Meta-Data->Max File Size. 
I've tried changing this to be very large, but still no luck.
My ~/.thumbnails exists and contains thumbnails for .png images. 
Konqueror doesn't have a problem with displaying these jpegs in the full 
window, but won't create thumbnails.

It happens to work fine in nautilus.  I'm running FC3 and Konqueror 
3.3.1-4.3.FC3 using KDE 3.3.1-2.12.FC3.  I have qt-3.3.4-0.fc3.0.

Could anyone suggest something to check/try?


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