Mac OS-style menubar as default

Tim M√ľnchen kdelist at
Sun Jul 3 12:23:31 BST 2005

Janne Ojaniemi wrote:
> There is an discussion in about Mac OS-style menubar: 
> As of today, about 21% of voters wanted it to be the default. That number is 
> surprisingly high considering that most people have very limited exposure to 
> that feature. And what's more interesting is that many of the people who were 
> against the idea but tried it anyway, seemed to like it in the end.
> I think that Mac OS-style menubar should be the default in KDE. Why? 
> ...reasons...

Hi List,

I for myself wouldn't want a OSX-Style menubar, because I have a kicker child
panel (or how is it called?) on top of the screen with the clock, ksysguard
graphs and ca. two dozens "quicklaunch"-Icons, because I like the main kicker
bar unclustered (it only contains the K menu, virtual desktop chooser, taskbar
and system tray).

I would have to change the setting after every installation (which is, I concur,
not very often... but still)

Since everything (well... nearly) in KDE is configurable, it is in fact quite
umimportant what the default settings are. But, as some ppl before me suggested,
more users are likely to switch from Windows to Unix/KDE than from Mac/OSX to
KDE, so the default setting should reflect that and stay by app-seperate menubars.

So far my .02

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