Mac OS-style menubar as default

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Sun Jul 3 21:51:21 BST 2005

There is an discussion in about Mac OS-style menubar:,com_smf/Itemid,54/expv,0/topic,81.0

As of today, about 21% of voters wanted it to be the default. That number is 
surprisingly high considering that most people have very limited exposure to 
that feature. And what's more interesting is that many of the people who were 
against the idea but tried it anyway, seemed to like it in the end.

I think that Mac OS-style menubar should be the default in KDE. Why? 

- Since the user can only access one menubar at a time, why should we clutter 
the UI and consume precious screen-space by displaying several menubars?

- Having one menubar for all apps will make sure that the menu's are always in 
same location, making accessing them faster than using several separate 
menubars. Even though you might have to move the cursor a bit more than with 
separate menubars, the fact that they take advantage of screen-borders and 
are always in the same place, will in the end make the process of using the 
menus a lot more pleasant.

- They make the apps and the deskop feel like an integrated whole. Right now 
each app runs in a "box" of it's own. Having the menubar in the top of the 
screen would tie it more to the overall desktop, making the system feel more 

- With Mac OS-style menubar we could unclutter the Kmenu, since we could move 
a lot of the stuff currently in Kmenu to the desktop's menu. For example, 
configuration, log-out, lock screen, switch user, search etc. could be moved 
to a menu in the menubar. then we could really make the Kmenu be about 
launching apps and nothing more.

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