Mac OS-style menubar as default

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Mon Jul 4 18:22:14 BST 2005

On Monday, 4 July 2005 09.00, Janne Ojaniemi wrote:

> You are now complaining about how a web-poll was set-up and not about the
> questions it asked.

No. I'm saying you're basing on unreliable data. If I got you right, users who 
wish mac os-style are a minority but you think there is a majority "hidden" 
amongst those who said no that would actually mean yes. As long as 21% say 
yes it means to me 79% say no. If you want to convince me that a majority 
want it mac os-style, you'll have to get over 50% of yes

> Right now KDE has menubars identical to the way Windows is set up (each
> app/window has a menubar). And if we moved to universal menubar as default
> (like Mac OS does), it would be "a lot like Windows"? We would be moving
> away from Windows-way of working towards the way Mac OS works, and
> according to you, that's "a lot like Windows"? I'm sorry, but you are not
> making any sense.

You didn't read me right. What I find Windows-like is the way Mac OS tells the 
user how (s)he is supposed to work. There are LOTS of KDE defaults I change 
first thing when installing (depending on the distribution: the double click 
mouse, the windows buttons, the icons, etc...). So as I said, IF a majority 
of users prefer the default to be mac os-like, ok, let's do it.

For the time being I'm not convinced this is a majority, that's all. 

> Well, right now it takes about 1 minute to switch between those settings.
> Why should it be any different if the default was changed?

Same question to you ;)


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