KPPP vs pon

Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez espino at
Sun Jan 30 05:59:42 GMT 2005

I'll be a little more specific on this issue. I'm trying to make KPPP pass 
pppd exactly the same options that pon does. That may not be the source of 
the problem, but at least it's a possibility I must discard. To start, there 
are to (maybe related) options that I have not been able to remove from the 
pppd command line that KPPP generates: xonxoff and asyncmap 0xa0000. I'm 
trying to remove the asyncmap option because there lies the first difference 
that pon and KPPP show in the logs that pppd write to /var/log/syslog: pon 
logs "asyncmap 0x0" and KPPP logs "asyncmap 0xa0000"
Has anyone any clue on how to make KPPP use the same value for the asyncmap 
option that pon uses?

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