Kontact / Mobile Phone Synchronisation

John Layt johnlayt1 at yahoo.co.nz
Sat Jan 29 04:25:37 GMT 2005

Just obtained myself a new mobile phone, a Motorola C650, and was surprised to 
find a USB port on it for syncing to a PC, and Google reports it as 
compatible with Linux.  So my next question for Google was "Can I sync the 
phone to my Kontact resources?"  Now I'm confused!  There's lots of outdated 
pages floating around talking about kitchensync, multisynk, ksync, conduits, 
konnectors, etc, etc but nowhere that actually says how to put it all 
together.  The kdepim website is less than helpful on the matter.

I found a couple of stand-alone apps, Kandy and KMobileTools.  Kandy 
(http://kandy.kde.org/) is from 2001, and seems to allow syncing the address 
books, but lacks any other features like organiser sync and sms, and is 
certainly not integrated.  KMobileTools (http://kmobiletools.berlios.de/) 
certainly has more features, like SMS and controlling the phone, and is under 
active development, but doesn't seem to support any syncing yet (they just 
say to use KitchenSync).

So, question is, where does the whole sync thing stand in KDE at the mo?  Is 
kitchensync/multisynk/whatever usable yet?  How can I make this work now on 
KDE3.3 (I'm not afraid of messing around with beta stuff)?  When can I expect 
a simple Kontact module to allow me to just press a button to sync my phone 
like KPilot does for my Palm?



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