K panel tooltips stay too long

yourself sl4rtyb4rtf4st_2 at yahoo.gr
Wed Jan 26 20:45:07 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 21:50, ianseeks (ianseeks 
<ianseeks at dsl.pipex.com>) wrote:
> I have no problem with the tooltips.  Mine disappear as soon as I move the
> move off the icon.
> You could always turn them off if they are such a problem.  Check Control
> Centre / Desktop / Panels  Appearance.

Well, I have already disabled those. And, of course, the launch icons and 
others have no tooltips. The annoying tooltips still emerge from the icons in 
the "system tray", namely kmail, kopete, kgpg, kget, korganizer and so on...


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