How to change the panel's icon size?

Andrew Kar akar3d at
Wed Jan 26 23:17:46 GMT 2005

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 10:10 am, J Hall wrote:
> Then under the Quick Laucher menu in the applet's handle, you can specify
> the icon size you want (among other options.)

Damn! You learn something new everyday with KDE. I never knew that!!  Even 
though Mark used the term ""Quick Launch"  area" I am not sure he meant using 
the applet but rather used it generically for icons that launch an app 
directly.  Irrespective it still solves his problem because at the 'small' 
panel size all the icons will appear inline so the normal icons can be 
removed and the applet used in their place. As for me, I prefer my panel 
custom sized with 2 rows of icons in the quick launcher and now with your tip 
I can actually *see* what they are without squinting.....   :-)

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