to build an rpm from a tar.gz?

tommie ramirez andujar tommie at
Sun Jan 23 22:12:32 GMT 2005


I have downloaded "checkinstall" that allows you to create an rpm 
installer out of a tar-gz file, you just type "checkinstall" after 
"./configure" and "make" and it builds and install an rpm. So far so 
good, it did installed the rpm but I was not able  to  "see" it to save 
it someplace else. Has anyone used this or  done in a different way, I 
mean" to build an rpm from a tar.gz?

Esben Mose Hansen wrote:
> On Sunday 23 January 2005 03:57, Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez wrote:
>>Do you know about this? Is this a KDE issue, or a particular application
>>problem, or maybe a Debian issue? Any light is highly appreciated.
> Well, from the code it is obvious that an application can do this. I think 
> that that is not a good idea. KDE should give applications a (perhaps 
> configurable) time limit in which respond or be killed. 
> If I select shutdown, I mean shutdown. It's ok to be able to stop a shutdown 
> in progress, and the applications can ask questions, but any dialogs must 
> time out and allow the shutdown to continue. Otherwise, you have to babysit 
> your computer through the shutdown process.
> This should *not* be up to the applications. This should be something KDE 
> enforces. Like init:
> ... sending TERM to all processes...
> ... sending KILL to all processes...
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