KDE prev ... down? (ksmserver dcop interface)

Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez espino at infomed.sld.cu
Sun Jan 23 20:43:15 GMT 2005

I investigated a little more on this matter and found that when the power 
button is pressed, the following line is executed by root:

dcop --all-sessions --all-users ksmserver ksmserver logout 0 2 0

I don't know what those three int's mean in the logout method of the ksmserver 
dcop interface and the solution could be there.

I thinks this is not a easy problem. If the user clicks the K button on the 
panel and then chooses to shutdown, it's fine if an application blocks 
waiting for the user to answer whether to save or discard a modified 
document. If the root user remotely decides to shutdown the machine, then no 
user should be able to cancel this process.
When the user sitting in front of the computer is the only one using the 
machine, and he hits the power button of his computer case, it would be fine 
to block waiting for a user response to a dialog. But how is the system going 
to know who pressed the power button? The scripts called in that event run as 
root. What is the right thing to do?


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