KDE prevents system from shutting down?

Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez espino at infomed.sld.cu
Sun Jan 23 03:57:49 GMT 2005

I've been glad since I discovered that I could turn off my Linux system by 
simply hitting the power-off button in my computer case. That's possible 
thanks to acpid.
The first time I used it, I felt a little bit disappointed because KDE was not 
properly closed when I turned off my system this way. All programs were 
simply killed and the entire session was lost. But now I'm using KDE 3.3 on 
Debian Sid, and it works just as I want it. When I hit the power button in 
front of my computer case, KDE closes correctly, the session gets saved and 
then the system shuts down.
But today I discovered that a KDE application with an unsaved modified 
document was preventing the system from completing the shutdown process. When 
I hitted the power button to turn off the system, and walked away from the 
PC, a lot of time passed and I didn't hear the hard drive turn off. I then 
came back to see what was happening and found this application waiting for me 
to tell it whether to save, cancel or discard the modified document. As soon 
as I said discard, the system began shutting down.

Do you know about this? Is this a KDE issue, or a particular application 
problem, or maybe a Debian issue? Any light is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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