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Jesper Krogh jesper at
Wed Jan 19 07:33:31 GMT 2005

I gmane.comp.kde.general, skrev Andrew Kar:
>  On Tuesday 18 January 2005 14:43, Jesper Krogh wrote:
> > Or is there a better way to accomplish this?
>  Are you just concerned with people being able to write in their appropriate=
> =20
>  language? Or do you want all of KDE menus and apps to be in that language?

I want all KDE menus and apps to be in that language (pretty hard
demand, I know). 

>  If you want case 2 then you must install all the kde language translations =
>  and=20
>  all the various fonts etc but instead of running kpersonaliser you could pu=
>  t=20
>  in your startkdescript or in Autostart the command: kcmshell language
>  which will then bring up only the region/language control module but you wi=
>  ll=20
>  need to do something to delete the command otherwise it will run everytime.

kcmshell language would require people to log out in order to change the
settings. kpersonalizer seems better suited since it actually takes
place before the first session. 

>  But usually in environments such as yours it is OK to have KDE running in=20
>  english but people need to be able to read and write (emails for instance) =
>  in=20
>  another language. If that is the case then just make sure that you have all=
> =20
>  the relevant unicode fonts for the various languages ( a recent distro like=
> =20
> =46edora3 will take care of that) and then just make sure in the kde=20
>  controlcentre under Regional and Access / Keyboard layouts that you have=20
>  layouts enabled and add all relevant ones.
>  You will now have a little flag in the tray (next to the clock) that switch=
>  es=20
>  language layout each time you click it or right-click to choose from a list.
>  I just tried it with english arabic thai japanese viet etc and it works fin=
>  e=20
>  as you will see below if you have the right fonts installed;

I have tested this part, all the languages/fonts seems to work well,
it's just a matter of getting it configured in an easy way. 

I need to get the keyboard layout manager added to the panel. That
should be quite easy cause that's the same for all accounts. (configure
a proper .kde-catalog for /etc/skel/ )


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