KDE Perceived Quality Survey (PESQUS) still going on.

Erik Ohls eohls at welho.com
Wed Jan 19 01:30:31 GMT 2005

tisdagen den 18 januari 2005 18:40 skrev Human Aspects of Software 
> Corrado:
> You already received a reply for this, but the first e-mail went to the
> list so, we thought replying to the list would be appropriate. Your
> questions are answered below.
> Again, KDE users, please go to
> http://www.umbc.edu/hase/kdesurvey.html
> and fill out survey if you haven't done so

I did go to your url and I answered all your questions to the best of my 
ability. Nevertheless I'm not  quite certain my answers have any value:

I've been using different distributions of Linux for nine years and in all 
that time the operating system has crashed one single time.

I've used KDE since before version 2.00 and it has never frozen on me. Three 
or four times, however, it has terminated and restarted spontaneously. 
Because this is extremely rare, I have no idea whether the culprit was KDE 
itself, or the kernel, or X, or some other program.

Of course many KDE programs as well as many non-KDE programs have crashed and 
frozen while running under KDE. But I'm just a user. How could I possibly 
know whether they crashed because of KDE, or because some driver didn't like 
them or because they were just badly written? (Well, sometimes I could find 
out, but if a crash doesn't happen very often I wouldn't bother.)

> > > > ...
> > > > 2. Some of the developers mentioned that KDE might fail because 
> > > of the underlying software or hardware problems. This is possible,
> > > however, we think that users do understand the problems with the
> > > underlying layers after a reasonable time of computer use. 

And that of course is in itself problematic: even if some of us understand the 
problems, that does not mean that we have solved them.

In other words: asking whether "KDE froze during its operation" might make 
sense; asking whether "KDE caused a freeze" is a question that most users 
could not possibly answer.
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