KDE apps PATH environment variable

Andy Teijelo PĆ©rez espino at infomed.sld.cu
Tue Jan 18 14:38:38 GMT 2005

El Lunes, 17 de Enero de 2005 7:10, Kevin Krammer escribiĆ³:
> Anyway, as you are on KDE3.3 you can create a Shellscript (/bin/sh) where
> you export the extended PATH and put it in .kde/env/ or
> $(kde-config --prefix)/env/
> Any script there will get sourced by startkde
> Cheers,
> Kevin

Wow, that one, I didn't know. Where is that info supposed to be? I feel I'm 
missing a couple of things. In any case, $(kde-config --prefix) gives me 
"/usr" and "/usr/env" does not exist.
I tried putting a script called path in ~/.kde/env/ with just the following 

export PATH=~/bin:"$PATH"

After I logged in again, I opened Konqueror in webbrowsing mode and when I 
clicked the "Home" toolbar button, it crashed. I opened it again and it 
worked fine. Anyway, neither clicking the "Execute Shell Command..." entry in 
the Tools menu in Konqueror, nor hitting Alt-F2 to run a command shows me the 
PATH change I expect.
I logged out and changed the ~/.kde/env/path script to:

export PATH=~/bin:"$PATH"

and gave it execution permission. I logged in once more, nothing crashed this 
time, and I still have no change in the PATH variable.

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