KDE apps PATH environment variable

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Jan 17 06:48:02 GMT 2005

Andy Teijelo Pérez wrote:
> El Domingo, 16 de Enero de 2005 9:11, James Richard Tyrer escribió:
>>Andy Teijelo Pérez wrote:
>>>I would like all applications in my KDE session to have ~/bin in its PATH
>>>environment variable. Where should I make the change?
>>Normally with Linux, you would add that to: "~/.bash_profile":
>> From my system:
>> HOME=/home/jrt
>> export PATH HOME
>>If you are using something other than Linux, you would add something
>>similar to: "~/.profile"
> I did what you said. But when I open Konqueror from the "Home" icon on 
> kdesktop, there's no shell involved and then I don't get the desired result 
> on PATH.

Did you restart you KDE session (login again) after you made the change?

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