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John Layt johnlayt1 at
Thu Jan 13 12:19:50 GMT 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 05:45, tommie ramirez andujar wrote:
> Hi:
> I am using MDk 10.1 and when give the PC the shutdown command, it
> doesn't do anything, it gives me a "Power down" text no the console for
> me to shutdown the PC manually.
> Is the something wrong?
> tommie

Do you mean that selecting Shutdown from the KDE GUI does nothing, or that the 
GUI closes and a lot of text lines appear shutting down things, but the 
machine doesn't power off?

If the second, then here's the solution for Mandrake 10.1, quoting from my 
standard answer:

Mandrake chooses not to activate ACPI at install due to some 
PC's have badly broken implementations.  To activate ACPI, try the following 
1) In MCC/Software Management/Install, install the packages acpi and acpid
2) In MCC/Boot/Boot Loader tick the box for 'Enable ACPI' then the Next 
button, then double-click on your default boot option and ensure the 'Append' 
box includes 'acpi=on', click OK then Finish to save the new boot option.
3) In MCC/System/Services ensure acpi and acpid are set to run at boot
4) Reboot, then from the command line run dmesg to check for a message about 
ACPI being enabled
5) If dmesg reports all OK, then try shutting down
6) If dmesg reports a problem, go back to step 2, change the Append to be 
'acpi=force' and then go to 4 again.

For this and other Mandrake related questions, it is more appropriate to post 
to the Mandrake mailing lists, you can subscribe at:
The English Newbie list is particularly helpful (even if I must say so 
myself :-), but there's also a list 'en Espanol' if you prefer:



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