Bob Stia rnr at
Mon Jan 10 05:56:48 GMT 2005

On Saturday 08 January 2005 20:19, Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez wrote:

> First, I loaded de snd-seq module from ALSA, like this:
> modprobe snd-seq
> That was as root. I think it can be configured to be loaded
> automatically at system startup, but I haven't done so.
> The I started timidity with an options that makes it work as a
> hardware sequencer through ALSA. This is -iA
> timidity -iA
> After that, Kmid, Rosegarden and other apps that use midi hardware
> are able to function correctly.
> I saw it working guys. Kmid really worked and the man behind the
> scenes was timidity.

Hola Andy, y mil gracias por su repuesto.

I followed your instructions and was able to get timidity to play 
some .midi files.  Making some progress here, Ojala!  But, now when I 
try to run Kmid it crashes. Fijese! Now what do we do?  Don't really 
expect you to have the answer but maybe one of the other guru's on this 
list can help out.  See my reply to Thierry.

Bob S.
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