Installing parallel version of KDE for testing development version (3.4)

Jes Hall jes.hall at
Sat Jan 8 16:41:39 GMT 2005

> 1)How do you carry out a parallel installation? We would like to have a
> stable installation (kde 3.3.2), and a separate installation of kde 3.4. We
> would like to start KDE 3.4 on request at login, for instance, as we can
> select another DM like gnome.

In order to carry out a parallel installation from source, simply build with 
the option --prefix=/somewhere/else. Then to run it, set your 
KDEDIR=/somewhere/else/kde and then your path to 
include /somewhere/else/kde/bin in a logical place (~/.xinitrc if you use 
'startx', check the documentation for your display manager if you use one, to 
see how to add a new session to it). 

Sample .xinitrc



exec /opt/kde-3.4/bin/startkde

> 2)Which are the base packages we MUST install? Can we avoid installing the
> kde-i18n-xxxxx package (it is large and we have slow connection)?

You _must_ have arts, kdelibs and kdebase and they must be installed in that 
order. Any other packages are optional, and you can decide for yourself if 
you need them. 

Jes Hall
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