A better trashcan?

龍神 ryujin_ssdt at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Jan 8 04:10:20 GMT 2005

There happens to be a discussion about the trash in kde-devel list and some 
threads seem to point the kde-3.4 will be better managing the trash.

A thread from David Faure indicates that there is a new kio_trash that follows 
the specification of freedesktop that replaces the current ~Desktop/Trash.

Can't wait for 3.4...


2005 January 8 Saturday 01:47、Jes Hall さんは書きました:
> > I saw the thread and felt interested. What would happen with two files
> > from the same location and with the same name but from different moments
> > in time?
> They both appear in the Trash, the earlier file is not over written.
> While in the gui window they both appear as eg, 'file.trashtest' if you
> look at it from the console the trash actually names them as file.trashtest
> and file_1.trashtest. They also both have seperate .trashinfo files
> detailing their original path and deletion date.
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