Serious Doofus in need of assistance (Start Apps Button)

ken lassey kal43 at
Fri Jan 7 17:28:27 GMT 2005

ken lassey wrote:
> Larry Howe wrote:
>> On Thursday 06 January 2005 14:54, ken lassey wrote:
>>> I was trying to make another 'start applications' pop up menu and
>>> managed to delete all of the sub menus from the main menu.
>>> Is there a way to fix this, maybe replace a file somewhere.
>>> Thank you.
>> Can you describe a bit more what it was you were doing? And what is 
>> happening now?
>> Larry
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> In XFCE you can add popup menus (like start applications) with your own 
> program choices on it.  I was unable to find a similar feature when 
> trying to add one to my dock.  So I added another start applications 
> button.  I then went into menu editor and proceeded to delete all of the 
> sub menus so that I had a blank popup menu to add my own list of apps 
> to.  However when I did this it not only editied the button I was 
> working on but changed the default Start Apps button as well.  Now all I 
> have showing on the start apps is:
>  > Recently used apps
>  > the link I created for my blank button (launches VNC)
>  > Bookmarks
>  > Quick Browser
>  > Run Command
>  > Start New Session
>  > Lock Screen
>  > Logout
> I hope this helps.  Thanks.

Well heres an interesting thing.  My start apps menu just reappeared in 
full.  Up until 1225 hours it was the limited menu seen above, now it is 
  complete.  I have not tried fixing this problem since around 0800 when 
I  deleted the file in .config/menus and rebooted.  So I can assume that 
either it just took a while to self heal, or I have been hacked by a 
friendly KDE repair person =)

I appreciate everyones assistance on this issue.

Ken Lassey
IT Support Asst III
Transportation & Mail Services
kal43 at
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