KControl Center Problem

Chriss Kalogeropoulos kalc at altec.gr
Fri Jan 7 10:15:41 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I recently came across the following problem regarding KControl that i 
can not solve.
I installed kde from scratch using Linux from Scratch (kde version 
3.3.0) and everything worked fine
Then i installed CrossOver Office and it destroyed the kde menu (most 
items are gone) and it made all the
entries in KControl to vanish. Since i could not fix the problem and a 
new kde version (3.3.2) was out
i decided to remove my old installation and replace it with the new one 
using Konstruct to build all the sources
So i deleted /opt/kde and replaced it with the new one i also removed 
all ~/.kde* files from all user dirs.
But this did nothing to solve the problem. Now i can not use KControl 
and the menu is a mess.
Most applications are missing and i also cannot open desktop 
configuration using right click on the Desktop.

Since i am not very familiar with the internals of KDE could anyone help 
me to solve this ?
Where do these settings reside on the filesystem ??
I have removed all relevant files (/opt/kde and files from home dirs) 
but it does not make any difference.
Is it somewhere in /etc ???

Thanks in advance

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