konsole eats my prompt

kevincpyeung1974-kde at yahoo.com.sg kevincpyeung1974-kde at yahoo.com.sg
Thu Jan 6 02:50:23 GMT 2005

Hi all

Since kde 3.2 (I kind of regret upgrading my 3.1 to
3.3.1 because of this), konsole messes up the display
when doing tab completion and encountering
ambiguities. To reproduce, try:

1. prepare two files in the same directory, called
Test.java and Test.txt
2. open konsole, go to that directory
3. type "file T"
4. hit <tab> (the whole line disappears)
5. hit <tab> again (the line reappears, the line now
reads "file Test."
6. type "j"
7. hit <tab> (line becomes "file Test.java")
8. hit <enter>
9. file returns "Test.java: ASCII Java program text"
10. will notice the prompt never returns.
11. hit <enter>
12. you get two new lines

Can someone reproduce this? Shall I file a report?

Thanks & regards

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