App startup times high

gregor webmaster at
Tue Sep 28 22:56:00 BST 2004

 On Tuesday 07 September 2004 03:37 am, SnapafunFrank wrote:
 > I recently went through having to uninstall [ rpm -e ] kdelib~ and
 > kdebase and then re-install [ urpmi ] because of a 'kdeinit' problem I
 > had whilst attempting to update these packages having read a Mandrake
 > security alert. ( I'm back in kde-3.2.3 from the distro disc's )
 > Now I'm not convinced it is entirely KDE, but since then I have time to
 > go make a coffee whenever I attempt to open any apps. Anything at all!
 > I'm running a PIII 733hz 512RAM system and things ran fine before.
 > Any ideas where I should start looking?

uhm.. may sound quite silly, but look if there's a hostname in 
your /etc/hostname ;-)
I had no hostname in it (how did that happen??), and the result was the same 
behaviour as on your system.

good luck,

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