KDE printing problems

Shawn Willden shawn-kde at willden.org
Tue Sep 28 05:11:41 BST 2004


I've got a Debian unstable box that has some printing problems.  I'm not sure 
if they're KDE-related or CUPS-related, but I see the symptoms with the KDE 
tools, so I guess I'll start here.

The main problem is that when I print and click the "Properties" button on the 
KPrinter dialog, I don't get a "Device Settings" tab.  On my Photosmart 7260 
that's a big problem because I need to be able to use that tab to set it to 
1200dpi full-bleed photo printing mode for printing photos.  Without that 
setting photos look crappy.

If I go into the Print Manager, right-click on the printer and select 
"Configure", I get a dialog box that says "Unable to load a valid driver for 
printer Photo. Error message received from manager: Internal error (no error 

I think this is why the Device Settings tab isn't showing, because it gets an 
error loading the driver info so it just doesn't show the tab.

The printers (Photosmart 7260 and HP LaserJet 4M+, connected via USB and 
parallel, respectively) are both attached directly to the machine in 

On my laptop (also Debian unstable), which uses those printers over the 
network via IPP, I do get the Device Settings tab, and I can print just the 
way I want to from there.

Both machines are running CUPS and have the same drivers set up.  Everything 
was configured through the KDE Print Manager.  The Photosmart is configured 
to use Foomatic/hpijs and the LaserJet uses Foomatic/ljet4.

Any ideas?


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