Icon size for alt-tab windows cycling/taskbar

Phil Bardanes listid at austin.rr.com
Thu Sep 23 16:43:47 BST 2004


I've been using Gnome for quite awhile and have very recently decided to
switch to KDE. I'm now using it on 3 of our 5 Linux OSes: Mandrake,
SuSE,  and Mepis.

The initial problem that I'm having is related to using the Alt-Tab
sequence for cycling through windows. The window icons are very small,
and it's hard to tell which application is which. Other icon sizes are
fine (toolbar

This situation is really affecting my ability to multitask operations.
Under Gnome, the icon size is much larger.

Is there any way to resize the icons? I've tried changing the icon size
in the  Control Center under Icons/Advanced/Desktop-FileManager, but it
doesn't affect the icon size in the Alt-Tab app.

If there is no easy answer, then does anyone know what the Alt-Tab app
is? If so, maybe I can modify the source code to include different
pixmaps for the icons.

Also, a simpler question - how to increase the icon size for the


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